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Hello and welcome to UCLA’s Alpha Phi chapter! Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our sisterhood, philanthropic endeavors and campus involvement. Our mission statements goes like this, “Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of women supporting one another in lifelong achievement”, and in the day-to-day activities that make up this lifelong support, you’ll find a group of girls that love to explore, laugh, and do life together. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to lead a group of women that are so smart, beautiful, funny and are each uniquely their own. They are leaders of their own clubs, star athletes, dedicated students and much, much more—they are the most inspiring friends I could ever imagine. 

Whether we’re exploring the city, hitting the beach, cheering on the Bruins, or helping our community- everything we do, we do with a smile (and lots of laughs). As Alpha Phis, we pride ourselves on our commitment to scholarship and philanthropy, our celebration of individuality, and our genuine and meaningful sisterhood. In Alpha Phi you will find friendships like no other, you will make memories to last a lifetime, and you will find your home.

As my final year at UCLA begins, I am starting to reflect on what has made my college experience so special. Joining Alpha Phi has, undoubtedly, been the best decision I’ve made during my time at UCLA. As an Alpha Phi, I’ve grown to be a more confident, open-minded and caring person. When imagining life post-graduation, it doesn’t seem so daunting because I will not only leave with amazing memories, but lifelong support from my “sisters”, my best friends.

a letter from our



Love and AOE,

Bailey Osborne




about Alpha Phi




       At a time when society looked upon women only as daughters, wives, and mothers not in need of higher education, our ten Founders were pioneers of the coeducational system. Attending school with the handicap of implied, if not open, opposition, our Founders sought support from each other. They felt the need for a place of conference, socialization, and communal support for women obtaining higher education and facing many of the same challenges. They formed Alpha Phi on October 10, 1872 at Syracuse University. Today, Alpha Phi continues to provide a "tie which unites, a circle of friends" for women young and old all around the world.  Our chapter, Beta Delta, was founded at UCLA in 1927 and is proud to be one of the 160 Alpha Phi collegiate chapters nationwide.


Our fraternity symbol is the Ivy Leaf



      The Fraternity Crest is the Alpha Phi coat-of-arms, consisting of our fraternity colors--Bordeaux Red and Silver. The shield is Bordeaux with a scroll and ivy leaf above it. Inscribed on the scroll is the public motto, "Union Hand in Hand". A bar of silver crosses the shield from left to right; the upper half of the shield contains a Roman lamp in silver and the lower half, Ursa Major. The meaning of the symbols depicted on the crest is a significant part of the ritual witnessed at initiation. 


Our fraternity constellation is Ursa Major, the Great Bear which inspired our mascot, "the Phi Bear."


Our fraternity flowers are the fragrant lily of the valley and the blue and gold forget-me-not

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Pictured: Guntas Padda & Stephanie Lakso (recent graduates),  and Ashley Fallon (Director of Recruitment)


Pictured: Ashley Fallon (Vice President of Recruitment)

a letter from our


To all prospective members,

       We truly cannot wait to meet you! Since signing my bid card three years ago, Alpha Phi has exceeded every expectation I had when deciding to join a sorority. It has provided me with a home and a support system comprised of some of the most intelligent, genuine, charismatic, and fun-loving women I have ever met. Each of these members has challenged me to become a better version of myself and has encouraged and supported me at every step along the way. The memories I have made in Alpha Phi—whether it be at philanthropies, social events, sisterhoods, or hanging out at the house—have shaped my college experience and will be the memories I look back on when thinking about my time at UCLA. I am sincerely honored to be able to represent this remarkable group of women and share this experience with you!  

        Each of us has been in your same shoes and understands that the Recruitment process can be overwhelming at times. Thus, it is my objective to ensure that this process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible for everyone who comes through our door. My advice to you: be yourself and trust your instincts. Everything will work out how it is meant to! If you would like to register for Recruitment, please visit the UCLA Panhellenic website linked below. See you in September!

Love and AOE,

Ashley Fallon

VP of Recruitment


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